Atwater Brewery

Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Detroit’s most Iconic brewery Atwater Brewery came to us  with a problem we see quite often: their website was built and managed by a large agency who treated them as a second class client and was unable to accommodate the client’s functional and visual requests. After months of frustration, the client sought out a much smaller and flexible partner to recreated the website to meet Atwater’s visual and branding needs. We also work on the digital marketing and social media.

We started with creating a custom wordpress site that was aesthetically pleasing and also easy to use, unlike the previous site, users can book space, and private events, via a booking calender which saved Atwaters inhouse event planners hours of time, we also created a page dedicated to Tony Roko, the painter  of all the packaging


  • Placed first in search results for “Michigan Craft Beer” fourth for “Midwest Craft Beer”
  • Calendar Booking System saved hours of times from Event Planning Team
  • 1st on google maps for  craft beers
  • Easier Admin area for management